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GIS Info for Incident Support

GIS Info for Incident Support

The Fire Season is upon us and several changes have occurred in the past year that relate to GIS Fire Support. The following page is an effort to compile relevant information via web links and documentation to assist you with providing GIS incident support for this season.

NWCC Fire GIS Information 2010 (726K PDF)

GIS Incident Data Posting

View complete FTP instructions for posting Incident GIS Data to Northwest Coordination Center including ftp server name, directory locataions, required file formats and contact information.

Please remember to include projection information with your fire points and perimeters.

GIS Data & Fire Links

View a number of GIS data and fire links, including the USGS Fire Data Ordering Site, Oregon Spatial Enterprise Office, fire incident mapping tools, GEOMAC, active fire information, etc.

Geospatial Standard Operating Procedures - GSTOP

Fire Incident Mapping Tools – FIMT

The latest version of FIMT is available at :

Northwest GIS Contacts

  • Fire Data Disks – Forest Service & BLM Lands
    Base GIS data in support of an incident is best obtained from the land management unit where the incident is occurring. As a pilot project, each Forest and each BLM District Office has loaded base data on a removable disk for ease of transfer. A contact list of names can be obtained by calling the NWCC office 503-808-2741.

PNWCG GIS Working Team

Barbara Haney
NWCC - GIS Coordinator
Phone 503-808-2741