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The NWCC website is moving to a new address soon.

Our site is changing to be shortly. There will be no other changes beyond the address at this time. We do not have a specific date or time at the moment, but please keep an eye out for the change of address and update any bookmarks if you have them.

NWCC Contact Information


Staff Directory
Member Role Phone
Dan O'Brien Center Manager (503) 808-2732
Ted Pierce Emergency Operations Manager (503) 808-2722

Kathi May
Susan Taylor
Dolly Davis

Assistant Emergency Ops Manager (503) 808-2720
Seasonal Receptionist/Clerk (503) 808-2720
Vacant Fire Analyst (503) 808-2733
Isaiah Hirschfield Intelligence Officer (503) 808-2734
John Saltenberger Fire Weather Program Manager (503) 808-2737
Terry Marsha Fire Weather Meteorologist (503) 808-2756
Seasonal NWS Detailer (503) 808-2760
Barbara Haney GIS Specialist (503) 808-2741
Mike Gascon Computer Specialist (503) 808-2735
Carol Connolly Media Manager (503) 808-2764

Questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the NWCC website should be directed to or call 503.808.2720.

Telephone: 503.808.2720